Maslow Hotel rooftop herb garden
Maslow Hotel rooftop herb garden

The French word Potager means 'a kitchen garden', and our area of expertise is designing raised vegetable and herb gardens, although, we do practice across a broad range of project types and scales; from healing gardens to office rooftops, restaurants and residential gardens.


Our design projects are known for being thoughtful and original - designs that work in tandem with demanding site conditions and climates.


With all aspects of design, from innovative material selection to the choice of plants, we deliver designs that embrace the temporal nature of each space, connecting people with nature, in urban settings.

January Garden Tips 

* Start sowing Brassica; cabbage, cauliflower, kale and broccoli in seed trays.

* Fertilise vegetables and herbs - use an organic  potassium rich fertiliser.

* Keep soil well mulched. 

* Treat powdery mildew with Neem Oil.

* Harvest tomatoes regularly - they will keep on producing.


Latest news

Find out more about this year's garden trends here


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