Where have all the shrubs gone

At the beginning of June, M and I moved into my tiny house in Parkhurst. I say mine, it was before we married, but now it’s ours. Coming from a large home on half an acre it was a little daunting moving into 496m2. We jettisoned, sold and donated huge chunks of memories and furniture. We got rid of everything we hadn’t used in the last year, including most of M’s stash of trash - 4 sets of jumper leads, 8 tyres that don’t fit either of our cars, 3 golf carts and about 100 ties.


I feel lighter. So does M.


And our new place is wonderful. For the first time in our marriage, we have something that is ours. It’s a happy space. A new chapter.

Before we moved in, I spent a month fixing up the place; nothing creative just the boring things like water proofing, poly filling cracks, putting in shelves, painting, plumbing and removing overgrown shrubs..


Some of the Sheena's Gold Duranta had grown so tall they loomed over the house making it dark and suffocating. I couldn’t bring myself to throw away 9 trees, so Dan and I planted them on the pavement verge. Within 2 days the leaves had turned a rusty colour. Now, they just look dead.