Mood Altering Yellow

To me, yellow is a mood altering, eye-catching hue. It just stands out – particularly in my garden which is predominantly green - mostly because it’s filled with vegetables and herbs that are joined at the hip with Echeveria succulents, durante, roses and leopard and lemon trees.


I think people expect me to have the most beautiful garden, but they’d be wrong… mine is an experiment. It’s my lab. Here is where I play in the dirt.


If you just glance at it, it’s beautiful but if you walk around and really look closely, you’ll see egg shells and coffee grinds scattered in the soil, you’ll see snails in discarded yogurt cartons drunk on beer; you’ll find a tree that’s been grafted and trays of popcorn strawberries ready to be planted. Potatoes via for space with lettuce, and you'll find bright light spinach growing everywhere.


It’s a place for children, dogs and anyone who loves gardening. It’s a never-ending story with different chapters.


At the moment I'm growing a bounty of Waltham Butternut and Caserta Marrow planted from seed.  They've gone wild, not unexpectedly, just carelessly. I like having my own little farm yard in the middle of city. Next year I keep promising myself I'll sow slowly, I'll erect proper fencing to keep them contained... but that's next year. 



The best season's harvest has been the yellow pear tomatoes. They are perfectly pear shaped, perfectly yellow and perfecly delicous.