Shrove Tuesday

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday.


I heard my table neighbour talking about it whilst I was drinking my cappuccino and shamelessly eavesdropping  on her and her beautiful friend’s conversation.


It’s a favourite pastime of mine – both – drinking cappuccinos and eavesdropping. It’s like reading a book – you can immerse yourself in the dialogue without having to take part. You can feel the emotion but it’s not yours so you don’t have to own it. 


I digress – back to Shrove Tuesday.


I have a happy memory of making hundreds of pancakes and selling them to raise money for our house at boarding school. I don’t know how Shrove Tuesday is connected to Lent – I can’t remember and honestly, I have no interest in finding out.


It’s the pancakes I’m interested in… Anyone got a recipe to share?


M is back tonight from Durban so I’m going to give making them a whirl. 


I like the idea of different fillings. 


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