Vegetable Garden in the sky

This was one of the very first vegetable garden's that I created. I have a vested interest in this garden and it never disappoints. It is lush, the vegetables hang heavy from their stems and it is peaceful. There is so much going on -  there are bugs we need to get rid of (the poor marigolds which are out of season now) worked overtime and we regularly dose with pyrenol.


We trim back the lemon verbena to create a border, we plant new flowers like Petunia's for colour and companionship. We move vegetables around to make neater rows, we split the carrots so the root vegetable can gain strength and we stake the green peppers, tomatoes and black beauty eggplants.


We try not to disturb the soil, and feed it lots of worm juice. 


Ahh. I love to work in this garden in the sky.

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