Recycling pallets into loungers

This week John and Alex, my carpenters, have been sniggering behind my back. I might not understand their language but I can read their faces and I know distain when its directed at me.


It all came about when I asked Alex to make me a double lounger made from pallets.


Alex loves the smooth, almost velvety texture of ash, rosewood and teak. Magpie John likes anything new and shiny, so I shouldn't have been surprised when they looked at me aghast when I showed them my drawings for a recycled pallet pool lounger that a client had commissioned. 


At one stage during construction Alex even suggested completely dismantlng the pallet, sanding each plank, to make them even and then putting the whole thing together using the pallets. I booed this idea.


I adore recycled pallet furniture. I think its funky. fun and enormously inexpensive. What's not to like? But, I can understand Alex' leaning towards something crafted from beautiful, fragrant new wood. 


Check out the end result and let me know what you think.