A Potting Shed in the city

It was lovely to hear the comments from passersby who found our little Pop Up shop on the way to somewhere else. Those that knew about it weren't as surprised as the neighbours and strangers that came. They loved the twirly hanging baskets, the kokedama moss ball delicious monsters, the old crates filled with fragrant herbs and the huge comfy napsack. 


I was charmed by the young teenager, wearing gorgeous vintage pants, who was fascinated by the worm farms, the experienced gardener mother and daughter team who peppered me with knowledgeable questions, the investment banker who bought everything she laid her eyes on and the succession of neighbours who I've never met before but delighted me nevertheless. They bought vertical planters, enjoyed beers and wine washed down with lemon poppy seed cake and lingered. 


They seemed to enjoy the unhurried vibe - the sound of Ismaël Lô on the breeze, the inviting refurbished bench in the shade. They picked peppermint and basil as they wandered around my garden. And enjoyed G&T's in bottles with stripy straws. 


I loved it! Thanks for coming.