Garden Alchemy

When someone asks me what I do for a living I am always torn when answering because I have two completely different jobs. Two loves; copywriting and container gardening.

As a copywriter I have written countless reports on trends, particularly at the beginning of every year. What’s trending in travel, advertising and banking are just a few that I've already written this year.  I haven’t however ever written a trend report on gardening. So, I thought it might be fun to share with you what my clients talk about, what I've discovered in nurseries and in my own garden and the connections I've made with nursery men, bloggers, novices and experts . This isn't really a trend report as I think gardens and the act of gardening follows its own trends.  It's more lifestyle orientated. 

I'd love to hear your ideas for 2015.


Ecotherapy refers to healing and growth fostered by interaction with the earth. Connecting with nature has proven positive mental health benefits and the restorative benefits of gardening are numerous and have been expounded upon in many articles. I believe that your patch of earth be it your balcony, garden or kitchen windowsill provides a haven. Somewhere, where you do not have to be social, there are no expectations and no demands. This is where you can be you; free. 

Growing your own food

Vegetable gardens are without a doubt the most popular trend. Originally it was fashionable and I admit to capitalising on this trend, however, now there is genuine interest.  Eating food that you have grown yourself is an intoxicating experience. The food tastes completely different to store bought fruit and vegetables. I never used to like gooseberries until I grew them. I eat them from the stem when they are still warm from the sun 


Composting is all about the circle of life, death and rebirth. What you take out of your garden becomes the very thing that makes your next harvest taste delicious and encourages your flowers to bloom. There is a definite re-surge in composting – Potager is inundated with requests to build “pretty” compost bins.  

Sharing produce

Taking only a bottle of wine to a dinner party is passe. Now guests are arriving with rhubarb pie, bags of herbs and fresh strawberry jam. It’s chic, meaningful and appreciated. Although, I still like a good bottle of wine. Both please. 

Mindfulness is all the rage

Simply put, mindfulness is about being in the moment. Short circuiting all the buzz, ohms and mantras, I believe gardening is the spiritual custom of being mindful.  It’s about a moment in time when you are in touch with nature. In touch with life. 

Soil releases Serotonin

Scientific research has found that there is a strain of bacterium in soil called Mycobacterium vaccae which triggers the release of serotonin. Serotonin helps to decrease anxiety, wards off depression and is great for helping you to learn. It even has a positive effect on your libido:)

Get your hands dirty! 

Healthy Lifestyle

Now more than ever, gardens are seen as an extension of your personality and lifestyle. People are making conscious decisions about which plants to plant and which products to use that will in turn increase their overall well-being and sustainable lifestyle.

As organic and local food remains the basis for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle; chickens, goats, bees and pavement gardens are making a comeback in urban areas. 

Alfresco Entertaining

There is a definite interest in using unusual outdoor spaces to entertain; a small balcony, a kitchen courtyard, a conservatory or a rooftop. By using ready-made containers and vertical walls, you can change your look on a whim.  

Portable Gardens

No ownership is on the rise - those who prize freedom over home ownership – are fueling mobile gardens. They want their gardens to travel with them; planters on wheels, air plants, hanging baskets, kokedama and wooden containers suit their needs.