Potager offer a bespoke container garden design service tailored to your needs and space.


A beautifully tended vegetable and herb garden has a therapeutic allure - the fresh scent of lemon grass, the heady fragrance of perennial pink basil and the wild bouquet of lavender provides a serene setting. We try to unlock the maximum possible efficiencies of a space, to positively affect and enhance the user's requirements and enjoyment. 


We practice across a broad range of project types and scales, from intimate healing gardens to corporate and residential vegetable gardens and landscapes. Our projects are noted for being thoughtful and our original designs work in tandem with demanding site conditions and climates. With all aspects of design, from innovative material selection to the choice of plants, we deliver designs that embrace the temporal nature of each landscape. The results can be seen in our distinctively crafted vegetable and herb gardens that connect people with nature, in urban settings. 


Potager specialise in companion planting which helps to control pests and our soil is organically rich, filled with the nutrients vegetables need to grow. Our compost is a custom blend of nutrient-rich compost and loam. By controlling the soil composition, your plants are guaranteed to produce a prolific source of food and garnishes.  


We plant in wonderful patterns using height, contrast, leaf form and foliage colour.  In addition to seasonal vegetables we incorporate herbs and edible flowers; planting in geometric patterns, much closer together than conventional row gardening. The space is such that when the plants are fully grown, their leaves just barely touch each other, creating a micro-climate in which weeds are suppressed and moisture conserved.